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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Bold Little Miss is also there...sleeping
On our first trip to the tree at Rockefeller Centre. The tree looks amazing, and the displays are to die for... Choos, Blahniks, Diors, Wangs and impossibly beautiful Delarentas graced the SaksFifth's windows. There was a creepy kids story playing along half the length of the block that was a waste of space, in my opinion. I need to take Little Miss again when she's awake so she can enjoy the lights and music.


  1. ay ayse you are too much, once again you have managed to make me laugh :))))

  2. whyyyy???? What's so funny??? We always go to see the tree at RC =P
    Do you want me to take you the next time? I'm going to get my license back soon, we can park the car in a garage and enjoy the displays.


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