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Friday, December 18, 2009


Does this make me a bad mom?

Blah, I think this is cute; cute enough to delay putting her in the bed and take cute pictures.
Apparently, some freak of an old lady in the neighborhood thinks I'll break her neck. I seem to remember seeing many kids with their head not only hanging out of the strollers as they slept, but their parents repeatedly bonk them on door frames and random people's legs.

I saw this woman standing in her porch as I was hurrying home (Little Miss had unexpectedly fallen asleep) and just as I was thinking "Oh God, she's going to tell me I need a stroller again," she started yelling "Her head is hanging" (well, duh) "She's going to break her neck" and something like "it's cutting her neck off." After that last one I sped up more and tuned her out.
Like a friend told me yesterday, I do feel like putting out a PSA for "when sleeping toddlers nod off and knock back their heads, it's usually a sign of them being comfortable enough to zonk off and stay zonked. If they were to get uncomfortable, they'll wake up just like they wake up a zillion times during the night because their either about to pee, have peed, get thirsty, too hot, too cold...." *while the words fade into the background*

And I need to stop walking by that senile woman's house.

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