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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey there Mr. Frost!
Mid Atlantic's first snow storm hits the streets. From Washington D.C. to the Hamptons, we're all coated in a at least a couple feet of snow. I love the first fluffy snow banks, untainted by the neighborhood dogs, looking like snow dunes begging to be jumped into. I can only dream of Imran Bhai's vast back yard that must look like a snow-shoeing trail by now. It would be fun to jump off the deck into what I'm imagining to be a pool of powdery snow.
We joined the gleeful neighbors taking their customary late night walks, including one of the half-brained 'pino hicks from Louisiana who casually strolled in with a shovel...wearing a pair of shorts and sneakers. I had to ask him if he just landed from Planet of the Apes 'cuz that'd be the only place that didn't know about the imminent storm. I didn't really ask him that. I already know.
I love how the night lights up with the street lights reflecting off the snow makes it look like a perpetual dusk. Never in a million years would I stay in and not take pictures. I can be North Pole's resident pro photographer, I love snow so much!

And how could I resist an empty snowed in street?


  1. So pretty! I'm now very thankful to have gotten out on time on Friday, lol. Enjoy the snow!

  2. Ahahaha, true true...but then, you also missed out on an opportunity to get stranded with Edward James Olmost of Battle Start Galactica =D
    A friend of mine ran into him in the same diner I was planning on going to (it's close to a La Quinta)this morning.



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