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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The most loaded waffle ever

April 23, 2010

Among other things, I learned today that my tolerance for sugar isn't as high as it used to be. I watched my host Dr-2-b Elif chow down on a similarly loaded waffle and become progressively higher pitched, excited and prone to falling into giggles. Me, I stopped eating after I picked off all the fruit and nutella and couldn't cut through the waffle because my fingers were shaking from the sugar high.

Ah, 19, how I miss to be you.

Greeting Mr. Oz back home

Hunting for the Black Tulip

April 22, 2010: Sultan Ahmet Camii

In the sun it looked like the black tulip, but was only Eggplant purple. *pout*

Chilling with peeps in Istabul

April 21, 2010: Back in Istanbul.

After a day of unpacking from Malatya, my older brother-in-law, his family and Dr-2-b Elif went for a night out smoking nargile and chilling. Elif ordered what has to be the most unappealing tea ever: Kiwi Cay.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

All good things must come to an end

April 19, 2010: Day 13, last day in Malatya, TR

I wonder if Monster will remember the streams, gardens, daisies and hens in her grandparent's village. Things may change by the next time I bring her back--that's the nature of time; it changes everything.
Only loves stays the same.

Age: 2; Occupation: Flower gatherer

April 18, 2010: Day 12 in Malatya, TR

A little Monkey-wearing in Malatya

April 17, 2010: Day 11 in Malatya

Glimpse of Monster and Sesame Icli Kofte

April 16, 2010: Day 10 in Malatya, TR

The famous Malatyali Icli Kofte, made by the master Hadiye Teyze in under an hour. The process was wonderful, my tastebuds were not as impressed, sadly.

Finding inspiration by the roadside

April 15, 2010: Day 9 in Malatya, TR

9 days till Mr. Oz comes home

On our daily excursions to the gardens, I found these "fake tulips" growing by the roadside. It was a pain to collect them but it was totally worth it. This particular corner in my sister-in-law Mubare's kitchen was perfectly lit for a natural light photo. This is only one of the best, the best of the best will be framed and hung in my home soon.

Happy cow, tasty Milk

April 14, 2010: Day 8 in Malatya, TR

All my friends know I'd been waiting for the day I could give Monster real milk from a real cow living on green grass and love. Her name is Semreh and she's expecting a baby in a month. If the baby is a boy he'll be named Cemil (Jemil) and Cemile (Jemilah) if it's a girl.

Monster also realized where her tasty eggs were coming from. She meant to hug the hens but her aunt caught her the rooster. We tried to teach her that they are just as important (hehehe).

Nothing is irreplacable for toddlers

April 13, 2010: Day 7 in Malatya, TR

10 days till Mr. Oz comes home

The Monster Version I Ahmet left much to Monster's disappointment. She took to always wearing his shoes everywhere and on one of those days while we were dipping our hands in the ice cold spring water, one of the shoes flew out and washed out to the barrage.

Resourceable mom to the rescue, on a trip to the Malatya City I dug out a pair that matched Ahmet's pair so much that even Monster cried out "Ahmet shooooo!"

Straight from the source

April 12, 2010: Day 6 in Malatya, TR
11 days till Mr. Oz comes home.

Beauty lies in the zoom lens

April 11, 2010: Day 5 in Malatya, TR

Today my little sister-in-law Songul, her hubs Mehmet, my Baba-in-law and the two kids took the Beamer to visit a few historic tombs in Harput, Elazig. My in-laws seem to think they these are from the 12 imams in Islamic history. I hated to break it to them that most of the imams are buried in Iraq and not in Harput. Anyway, a saint is a saint and I read Al-Fatiha at the tombs as well.

It was on our way back however, when Songul insisted on stopping the car to let me get out in the rain and see this barrage where fresh water fish is farmed (in the circular fences in the first picture).

P.S. I need to note that this was the day when Monster discovered cube sugar thanks to her Dede (Baba-in-law) and Amca (Mehmet). She had exactly TEN of those while I fumed and stuffed my face with the area's most famous Kavurma while not tasting a lick of it.

Meeting new cousins, learning new tricks

April 10th, 2010: Day 4 in Malatya, TR

14 days till Mr. Oz comes home.

We'd all been apprehensive about this particular cousin, just 4 months older than Monster, who is notorious for his aggressiveness. He has on occasions given his mom a black eye, attemted to

crack a wooden board on his grand father's head and even managed to make fist to skin contact with Mr. Oz himself.

As luck would have it, the two monsters got along pretty well. Better than expected anyway.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There is always a way to make a toddler eat her food

April 9th, 2010: Day 3 in Malatya, Turkey

Somebody can write a thesis on why kids can have better eating habits in a household with pets. My daughter, who for the first three days, consistantly refused to eat the home made naan her grandmother makes, actually popped a few of the cat's share of fresh bread while trying to feed it.
Following this, we caught her several times actually stealing pieces of bread from the back room and munching on it and meowing at the same time.
Mr. Oz, it's time to get a pet.

It can't get more organic than this

April 8th, 2010: Day 2 in Malatya, Turkey

My mother-in-law calls me down to the front yard to come pick out the eggs from a nest. Her hen's nest. Inside the room where I though there was only grass and food for her cow. Did I mention she has a cow? That's coming up soon as well.

It tasted good. But now I feel sorry for the hens every time I eat an egg =(

In the land of Apricots

April 7th, 2010: Day 1 in Malatya

Turn over your favorite box of dried apricots, it probably reads "Product of Malatya, Turkey."

That's where we were headed...unfortunately, a month before the apricots would be ready for picking. That's the story of my life, I'm either too early or too late for everything!

Or so I thought. Who would have known young apricots are just as delicious as ripe ones? Especially when dipped in a lick of salt!

Cherry blossoms in my father-in-law's garden.

Missed a flight, caught Bazaar Fever

Catching up from a long break

Tuesday April 6th, 2010:

This morning we missed our flight to Malatya. On our way back we were all feeling so down that there was only one way to lift our spirits: Shopping.

We took a taxi to the local bazaar and found these beauties...

Artichoke hearts as big as my fist, maybe twice the size of my fist floating in huge tubs, they just took my breath away!

After returning from the bazaar, one of my sisters-in-law had prepared a great dinner for us to celebrate our unexpected dekay (lolz). Iza had another great playdate with the cousin she loves most.

See the trend there?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Beginning a new week

Monday April 5, 2010

I'm missing Mr. Oz more and more. However, my mom is here now and it's fun showing her around. We did some shopping in the nearby bazaar and I got Monster a few tops. Of all the tops she picked out a pink one to wear right away and cried hysterically when I put a denim dress on top of it. We had to take several pictures and call her "pretty!!!" for a long time until she finally decided to tolerate the denim.

Camlica Tepesi, Istanbuk

Sunday April 4, 2010

Istanbul Tulip Festival

This will be my first trip to Turkey during spring. I hope to remember more than just the non-stop allergy attacks, nasal drip and chest congestion.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I sent my hubby to Turkish Army, there are you happy now?

After years of (sometimes useless) trips to the Turkish Consulate in NYC for extending his impending doom service in the Turkish Army, my sweet has joined the army. He is currently on his way to Burdur where he'll be for the next 21 days.
My sister-in-law has given me the tip to keep 21 hazelnuts and eat one hazelnut each day till he comes home. Hopefully I won't pop 21 pimples from those hazelnuts, but I like the concept. Very romantic!