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Thursday, September 3, 2009


The hammock called Albert

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Practicing wearing clothes...with my clothes.


Iza's Day at Sesame Place


Short, sweet venture into Rhode Island
Straight from SixFlags actually. We spent the day at Sweet Berry Farm and then at Second Beach.


Surprise Birthday Party in SixFlags parking lot!

Haha, Seyhan looks like she's dancing!


Hookah Date with my hubby!


Stash Shot of my baby wraps lolz.


Iza's first time in Shalwar Kameez!


Iza's Peachy Day

Why Pictures Became Rare

Just for the record, I was only trying to help. Harun told me to backup our files to the iPod so we can move them to the new computer. As I was moving the pictures, the iPod froze and wouldn't budge despite many attempts at resetting it. The final resort without taking it to the Apple store, would be to reformat it. I was doing this at 3am and without giving it a further thought, I reformatted and remembered only as it was wrapping up coming out brand new, that I'd MOVED all the files in there! Not copied =(
All Iza's pictures taken since birth are now eradicated from the hard drives. I'm tearing up even recalling this. I spent the rest of the night sobbing and soaking the pillows.
Thankfully, some pictures have been saved on Facebook, ShutterFly and Here at my blog. I'm thankful for little gifts =)
Ad to the above misfortune, and Iza's inability to sit still and let me upload pictures, and I've got me an outdated blog.
So there it is, my confession, I'm just lazy!