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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm not known for my cooking

And there's certainly no love lost between cooking and me. It's a known fact, "Ayesha hates to cook, bake, broil or steam." Give me prep jobs for 10 dishes and I'd do it happily as long as someone else is going to do the final cooking and take the credit/blame for the final result.

So it's not very often I try my incapable hands at anything that I haven't made before and even rarer does the new food turn out to be edible. Tonight was.....well, not any different haha.

I had to skim through a number of different recipes, combine what I like, eliminate non-halal steps and ingredients, and then find the ingredients that didn't use white wine, meat extracts or 4598343% cholesterol content.

Without the beef consomme (yes, I made it easier, so you don't have to google it. I know of no...ONE person who probably knows what this is), the sauce wasn't as creamy as it was supposed to be. In any case, there weren't any complains (note: there weren't any compliments either), so I won't complain either.

Like I care for compliments....pffffffffft!

*I do =( *


  1. You know you can buy canned beef consomme and yes I know what that is cuz I cook alot. Can't say my dishes always turn out good though ;)

  2. stephanie, it wouldn't be halal =) Unless I can find a kosher brand... Even then I don't know meeh, I'd rather make it myself if I absolutely have to.
    Thanks for following me =) I know a momma in my neighborhood who is an accomplished chef hehe, she's a walking talking culinary dictionary. And we call her Her Majesty, Queen of Sunnyside hahahaha...I wuv me my Cynthia!


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