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Monday, December 14, 2009


Armine Armine Armine!
Or so went my Facebook status the day I discovered Armine's website. I'd been aware of these 100% silk scarves but not of how artistic they were until one day I went surfing in their catalogue. I may never have made it out completely, as I kept going back practically every day to look at one particular scarf called Husna. I also loved how all the scarves were named after people names, much like baby carrier wraps are named after people (Anna, Albert, Katja, Lars etc.)
After Mr. Ozturk saw this one and agreed that this color would be such a killer on me, I applied to my dear friend C.U who was visiting Turkey, to find this one and bring it for me. Last night, she brought it over.
Here is it, according to C.U., the Mercedes of silk scarves:

Isn't it gooorgeous??? Before I put it on and was only admiring it laid out, I was imagining actually getting it stretched and framed. It would make a beautiful framed art.


  1. your silliness and cuteness :))) its a cute scarf and looks great on you but I find them to be way too overpriced!

  2. sooo what!!! omg, have u seen a beauty like this before in a satin scarf?
    I think it's nice to have at least a few overpriced, extra special scarves in our stash..In my case, like...ten of them will make me happy =D


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