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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Chilling with Imran Mamoo.
This is what I get for forgetting my new camera at home...a blurry snap that can be used to defame iPhone's camera quality. Regardless the camera quality, you cannot ignore the chemistry in there! Imran mamoo has another little baby girl to fawn over.


  1. Ok, forgive my ignorance of your religion. Is an Imran your form of a pastor/priest? Just curious..

  2. Nooo, lolz, Imran is my BROTHER's name, Mamoo means uncle in my language :D heheh, you're too funny!

  3. Oh wow, I couldn't have been more off base then. (Blushing) Ok.. I think I thought it sounded close to Imam.. maybe that's it. I think I'll go hide now..


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