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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm ashamed to say...
It was just plain old laundry day today. I'm beginning to get disappointed in my mundane life. I had such high expectations from it. I guess I just tend to ignore the boring days and focus on the fun times. This blog is keeping me real; I DO have boring days too!
Or am I just not using the camera enough? Iza DID try Prunes for the first time today. She also climbed down the couch today without assistance for the first time. Harun brought home a piece of cake from the bakery that should rank in the class of addictive substances. He watched Lost with me, for the very first time and even deigned to try to catch what was going on so he could fill me in whenever I had to go soothe Iza every time she woke up from her light sleep.
I promise, I'll try to be better. Tomorrow and the day after are promising to be better weather, I should definitely take advantage of the warmer air.

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