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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Confession no. 5048

May 29, 2010

As a child, for fun I ran on walls, climbed trees, stole free rides in privately owned swings by sneaking into the property while people slept during the afternoon hours and frequently wandered off to see my 7 year old boyfriend next door.

As a grown ass woman, I haven't changed much. I'm a terrible influence on my daughter, if you ask me. {Well, at least I don't have a 7 year old boyfriend anymore...Hahahaha. Ha}


  1. Love it! I too like being a terrible influence sometimes cuz it's fun!

  2. Hahahaa. My husband physically removed my daughter from me today because I was telling her "You're so pretty!!! You'll never have to worry about getting your EYEBROWS done!"
    He's like...DON'T TEACH HER THIS STUFF!!!
    And I'm like WTH? I'm just telling her she's pretty? duh!


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