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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wizard's Wise Tips

Late tonight walking around in Union Square, Wizard and I were reminiscing about her early days together as a young couple. We crashed a lot of late night parties and movies. For instance, I once buyed the tickets for an old movie and sneaked into a sold out movie that had opened that very night, but that's another story for another time.

Wizard was very resourceful in finding out about free events like movies, free admissions to concerts and more. The time we couldn't register in time to watch Napolean Dynamite was the first time we successfully crashed a invitation-only viewing.

He walked up to the greeter oh-so-casually and told them he's on the list.

"Name, sir?" asked the bouncer.

"Aaron," Wizard replied.

"Which Aaron?" the bouncer returned. "There are two here."

"{mumbles something}"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't catch that."

"I'll show you," the Wizard offered to run his finger down the list and stopped at an Aaron Whoever.

"That's me right there," he beamed at the bouncer.

"Enjoy the party sir" and that's how were led into a party we were not even invited in. I bet the couple that crashed the President's party may have taken some tips from my Wizard.

There are two lessons to be learned here:
1. A common name like Aaron, John, Eddie/Ed is most definitely on every printed list in NYC on a Saturday night; and
2. You won't be challenged to prove your identity if the name is ostensibly Jewish.

Go enjoy your life, crash a party for free.

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