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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Dupatta/hijab style

Just linking back to one of the hijab blogs I read occasionally.

There is a how-to video of wearing dupatta as a hijab and it's the way I did it for a long time until I realized one day, I really need it to cover my chest. Evidence 1, the picture above. The chest straps of Monster's baby carrier look freakin' ugly on my not-36-anymore chest. I had to cover it somehow and on my feet in Puerto Rico, I came up with this fab way to wrap it and wrap it with modesty.

I just saved your eyes from witnessing hell on earth. You're welcome.

I can be coerced to post a how-to for this style if you say please =)


  1. Very cute...I think I wear my shaylas in a very similar style..

  2. Might I have the privelege of coercing you into to doing a tutorial? Thank you, please!

  3. lolz, yay! A request...j/k. I'm going to give it a whirl over the weekend. See if I can make/upload/publish one.


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