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Friday, May 21, 2010

Monster's 2nd birthday-Take 1 and 2

Take 1: On the evening of Tuesday May 18, our good friend and daugher M come over to share cupcakes.
Take 2: Friday May 21, our Turkish friends and kids (including Monster's boyfriend Musti) come to hang out for dinner and cake. It was a delicious chocolate mousse cake from Canalle in East Elmhurst.
We didn't go all the way into the airplane theme because really, there isn't any to be found last minute. However, I was able to find plastic airplanes at party city that were a hit with Monster. Note in picture above, Iza's actually totally ignoring the cake because she's occupied by flying the little airplane!
I'm so blessed with my friends! Thank you ALL OF YOU for coming and making it a very very special day for my daughter. ((((HUGS))))

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