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Monday, March 15, 2010

When there is nothing else to do

Go driving through New Jersey! Even though I was suffering a bad bad headache the entire time, I really enjoyed our day out.
We had dinner at Sahara in Paterson, went to meet a friend in Jersey City and then took her along with us for a stroll on Washington Street in Hoboken. We were planning to actually walk by the river but it started pouring (again) by the time we were done eating and snacking at Qdoba and Ben and Jerry's.
Most importantly, I had a revelation while having tea in Paterson in the car: in our relationship, I'm the person who wouldn't ask for directions. Total stereotype smasher! Mr. O kept wanting to stop someone in the street to ask if there was a camii (masjid) nearby and I kept hindering him "He doesn't look Turkish" "You think HE goes to a camii? HHAHAHHA" "OMG, he won't even be able to hear you. Just keep driving."
Although I doubt it has anything to do with me thinking I know my navigation. God knows I SUCK at navigation. The reason I don't get lost is thanks to New York's heavy use of signage pointing which exit is North or South. The funny thing is, I like acting all superior when other people can't find the signage. But the fact is, the only reason I know where all the signs are is because I've spend hours trying to spot them like Waldo. Without them, I'd never make it home alive.
Of course, driving through NJ frustrates the hell out of me because there are NO SIGNS!!! We miss all (literally, our exits because they jump out of nowhere and nobody but the GPS Mindy knows where they are! She made us drive through this flooded ramp to Lincoln Tunnel last night that looked abandoned for centuries. Kudos to her though, because for some reason that made us skip the 30 minute wait AM 1010 was predicting there would be at Lincoln tunnel to NYC.
We never found the camii. I also, didn't find frozen yogurt in Hoboken, because I didn't want to ask anyone on Washington Street.

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