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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hair's a fun look!

It could be the story of my life in summary: To procrastinate where action needs to be taken right away....and to act impulsively where procrastination can actually come in useful.
I think it came out rather cute anyway. The mullet is gone thank goodness. No more hair in the eyes (even though I was wishing it would grow out enough for me to tie it back with the rest of the hair...which brings me to the sad part..
I totally forgot that I actually wanted to grow out her hair...all of her hair so it can be pulled in a pony tail because she looks so cute that way. The reason I forgot: all those sticky bands and I still couldn't keep the hair out of her eyes!
There has to be a better way to go about it. She did not help me at all, all the while whacking the comb out of my hand, ducking her head down to her knees, grabbing for the scissors etc. So I log on to my email to see what the Sunnymoms have to say about best toddler friendly salons in the neighborhood and guess what? There is a thread started TODAY on finding a salon for kids and like, three reviews and suggestions.
Had I just procrastinated another 2 hours, poor Monster might have had a better hair cut. Oh well, next time. GROW HAIR GROW!

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