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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Away we go to the Carousal

Trips to Bryant Park have BEGUN!
For anyone living anywhere close to the 7 train, this has to be the most convenient outing of ALL. It is the MOTHER of all things to do with toddlers for moms who prefer to carry them instead of stroller-heaving up and down subway stairs.
On a weekday, the park is the perfect opportunity for the little ones to run around. Even if you are a few steps behind, they're not going to go into the street, neither is anyone going to run off with them in the midst of like 5,000 park attendents and you're not going to lose sight of them anyway because it's as flat as public spaces can get.
Ride the carousal for a couple of times, let them get dirty playing in the pebbles, or read them a few story books (bring your own or depend on whether they have hoisted out their own book trolley), have a mini lunch on the kids' tables and sun bath on the swings. The restrooms are phenomenal. I've only seen the likes in 5 star hotels, I kid you not, even the hotels don't have the machinated toilet seat plastic sleeves that refresh with the press of a button.
Meanwhile, the kiddo is getting sleepy let them chillax in a carrier, grab a coffee from Pax and hit the subway home.


  1. beautifully sketched!!

  2. You're right, it's so convenient..we definitely don't go enough.


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