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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waking up in Puerto Rico

As you know Mr. Ozturk and I had our 5 year anniversary this month. On January 8th, we come back from our dinner at Turkish Grill and while dressing Li'l Miss for bed, he shares this piece of news. "I've been looking at Puerto Rico vacations, what do you think?"

Me: "Uh huh, do you want to take her to bed or should I?"

I literally ignored the revelation for a few hours until he asked me again. I didn't take him seriously until he finally brought home the itenerary for the trip a week later. "Huh. We're going for four day vacation off main land America. Neat!"
We landed in PR Friday afternoon, and mostly spent the day driving around looking for restaurants and supermarkets for Li'l Miss's essentials. It all seemed like a Miami dream (of which I see plenty) until the next morning when I ceremonously pulled back the curtains and walked onto the balcony.

Our room with a view

We spent three heavenly days driving through spectacular mountain valleys, swimming in the resort pools and discovering beaches, each one better than the next.

Driving through the clouds on PR-18 returning from Fajardo

Li'l Miss and Mr. O relaxing in the hot tub

Playa Santa en Guánica, PR

Loquillo Beach east of San Juan

I'd say the only thing that was sorely missed on the Island of Puerto Rico was a good local breakfast. This is a meat-eater's paradise...even breakfast consists of meat meat and more meat. No bread, bagels or muffins here! Even the Dunkin Donuts that we finally discovered in Fajardo didn't carry bagels....what horror!

Another unforgettable moment was watching the guide swim in the bioluminiscent bay near Paraguera's village. The trip to the bay itself was spectacular: The local club scene, the bazar that looked like a gypsies have taken over ancient ruins, the boat ride during which we kept joking that we're going to get our organ's stolen and sold. I got to splash my hands into a bucket of the bay water and watch little sparkle's shoot out of my skin. T

There is a reason some things are impossible to catch on camera: You have to see it for yourself!

Other uncapturable moments:

*Waiter's chasing the blackbirds that kept flying into the open dining area in Hilton hunting for crumbs.

*How while driving, you can cruise into a rain cloud that's pouring buckets and back out into the shining sun within seconds.

*When after years of disliking spanish music, you have only spanish radio for three days. One of those days you hear a song that makes you pause and think "Oh MY GOD! I have to find the name of this song!" while goosebumps are rising on your skin.

*When even the Li'l Miss is so happy with the warm weather, beaches and water that she frequently grabs the face of whoever happens to be holding her, and land a big loud Mmmmmm PPCHUA! without any previous begging or groveling requesting from the parents.

Leaving Puerto Rico was sad and became even more so when my brother-in-law reported on the phone "It's very nice weather here this weekend actually, we hit like...30 degrees!" While I was shiedling my eyes from the 85 degree sun. I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh or cry.

All I can say is, Puerto Rico, me gustas mucho!

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