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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Basket case Pasta!

Oops, did I just call it basket-case? Oh you bet I did! I received the recipe and pictures for this ahem, masterpiece in my email this morning. I've been trying to conjure up the life of the woman who made this. There are several possibilities:
a. She's single and a culinary chef;
b. If she has kids, she also has nannies to look after them while she spends an hour wrapping macaroni strings aroung the bowl, one at a time;
c. Her kids are older and in college;
d. Her kids thought she was crazy, have left her alone with 560 lbs of pasta!
Yeah, since none of the above apply to me, I figured it wouldn't be a waste to just ignore the recipe and move on.
Sorry Cemile. Although, you are most welcome to bring me a piece if you ever make this....And my consolations in advance if you have to leave your job to dedicate time to make it.


  1. That's pretty crazy, although it does look good to me, but I'm a fan of pasta...

  2. =D One of my neighbors is swearing she'll make it and then invite me hahaha...


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