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Friday, January 8, 2010

To our young family


Six years ago, when I walked into the Baruch College Tech lab and was interrupted by a random stranger with a "Selam," I had no idea I had just sent blessings back to the man who'd be with me forever. If I had, I may have started stalking him from day 1 hehe. But I was not the stalker in this funny relationship.

For weeks I tried to avoid the place because after the first few glances, the stares were starting to get creepy. Yes Harun, I called you creepy!

Eventually though, because of a few mutual friends we had the opportunity to spend more than a few seconds together and Harun snuck his way into my small and by small I mean tiny, group of friends.

It was after getting married however, that I started realizing the amazing support and stability that had just walked into my life. We are both continuing to grow and learn through trial and error. We have many more things to discover and we have yet to decide what our family stand point will be on several issues. It's the journey that counts, isn't it? And my dear love, I am enjoying every mile of it.
We had dinner here tonight:

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Here's to our beautiful five years and to many more years till we meet again in Heaven insha Allah.

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