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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mothers of two or more, I respect you!

Talk about imminent nervous breakdown!

How do moms do it with two, three or oh my God three kids? How do you go shopping?

It's not the process of getting there, neither is it the hunger pangs, or Monster is past all that. We're well versed in the miracles of secret baggies of pretzel snacks procured right at the start of a tantrum. Its the happy moments that leave me tearing my hair out.

We decided a rainy Monday morning would be the perfect time to go shopping for winter clothe for Monster who has out grown all her clothes from three months ago. I knew it would be useless to even try to fit her in her last year's winter clothes (if I could actually remember where I stowed them in my cavernous one bedroom NYC apartment.)

Children's place was packed by people who obviously share great minds with us. I wish they'd also learn to spare personal space. I swear I may have unwittingly used this small lady as a step ladder a few times as she kept creeping Really? How many times do you want to get your feet crushed before you get the hint that maybe standing right behind me is not a good idea?

Then there is my unstillable spinning top who needed to try on the adorable jeans I found in her a few bagfuls of clothes. I managed to reduce the pile of try on clothes to save me the trouble of dancing around little restless. I was near tears anyway after the fiasco of trying on snow boots with no success even though they were a size up , until Wizard reached in and pulled out a wad of paper from the toes.

I had to park my bottom on the nasty floors to push, tug and yank clothes on and off little angle, who looked so adorable in every outfit that I needed to think long and hard about our financial situation to put back a few of the more expensive outfits.

After all the bloodless limbs, torn scarves and scratched faces (mine, each time Mknster decided to lean against my facial skin for support) , we came home with a decent enough addition to her wardrobe.

The purple hoodie top right was $4.99 and the green leggies just $2.99 on clearance. SCORE!

The darn snow boots with hidden compartments, and the ultra mod pink leopard skirt that was also on clearance for just 5 bucks!

I'm still looking for more jeans, tights and clothes to wear at home. Holding a clothing swap two weeks from now that I'm hoping lots of moms will bring 3T clothes to exchange. That should be interesting.

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