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Monday, October 18, 2010

Grilling saves dinner

I don't need to rub it in my own face, yeah, dinner is not my favorite activity. Eating? Yes. Cooking? Uh, not so much.

I try to get out of long cooking sessions as much as I can. I've even mastered the fine art of cooking intricate Pakistani dishes in batches done in morning, noon and night instead of all at once. Oh hell, I'll admit more: I skip at least 10-15 minutes of sauteing, frying and "Bhoon-ofying" of masalas at every step, so I can finish cooking quicker. So there really isn't any surprise that my dishes come out only half-assed lolz.

The one thing I love doing however, is grilling. Not the outdoorsy kind, just the electric kind. If we were to stay in US longer than mid-next-year as is in the cards right now, I'd go buy myself a fancier electric grill pronto.

Among grillable foods, my favorite and by far the yummiest is grilled chicken breast. I don't use any premade spices. All I use are freshly grated garlic cloves, a bit of salt and lemon juice. I oil the meat as it sits on the grill and recycle the drippings that collect in the grill tray.

I did this time though, use a bit of chicken tikka masala I got from Patel Brothers, and I think it might have come out better if I had used a lot more than I did. Monster ate the ones grilled without masala, mixed with white rice (her staple, of course), while Wizard and I made mini tacos with corn tortillas.


  1. Love your blog! I love grilling as well! Fish is my favorite on my electric griddle. Try Sole fish, with random spices....DELISH. Add lemon slices afterwards and you get a totally fancy dish!

    Are you moving? :( Hopefully you'll still have your blog! Where you moving to?

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by. I'm not a fan of seafood, but I'll give it a try for the Wizard. Currently we have a compromise: he doesn't let me cook green peas (my favorite) and in return I don't cook fish muahahaha.
    Maybe I can make an exception. I do miss the occasional tilapia fillet.
    We're not moving, but we're the crazy people who get antsy living in the same place for a long time. Our current neighborhood has us tied down with some awesome friends and I'm hoping to break the cycle :)


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