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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wizard's Pearls of Wizdom

Veysi: Monster has body hair appearing on her legs!!!

Me: Yeah, so? She's half pakistani, what else did you expect?

Veysi: It's not from spicy food, right? She ate some today.

My poor hairy desi girl.


  1. Ha! Eden is 3/4ths European (OK mostly Russian, but still, the girl has practically blond hair!) and has hair on her legs. And it is not from spicy food. Even ketchup is too spicy for little-miss-chicken-and-plain-steamed-veggies-only-please!

  2. Plus, I totally cracked up be because Harun thought the spice she ate the DAY before made her grow hair! Ah genes! Did you know there is some kind of practice of infant vernix cleaning in Pakistan that allegedly results in no adult body hair?


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