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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Topsy Turvy Thursday

*I think Topsy Turvy Tuesday sounds better. Next week!

I'm curious to see any comments from sisters fasting this year: If you had to pull off a non-breakfast Sahoor, and a non-dinner Iftaar (not including the traditional Ramadan snacks), how would you do it?

My first attempt would be to have some kind of protein and carbs in the morning, Goulash for instance with pasta, potatoes and meat and normal breakfast fare for iftaar--maybe some stuffed parathas (fried flat bread), omlettes etc.

Editted: There ARE pictures, man!

Wizard's bunch of left overs
My breakfast-for-dinner!


  1. I eat iftar leftovers alot for suhoor so I guess I'm already topsy turvey. I could just eat nothing but qatayef for both meals though. Yum!

  2. I knew a family in Pakistan that literally did this as a routine. Dinner for breakfast, and breakfast in the evening. I loved the idea, but never implemented it. I'm looking for more innovative ideas to convince hubby now =)

  3. Salaam alaikum.

    For suhoor we have 1 hard boiled egg, a milk/banana/walnut or peanut butter smoothie, some cheese/olives, and yogurtlu bugday corbasi (cold yogurt soup with wheatberries). And of course lots of water.

    For iftar we start with soup, then pray, then have some more of something else (roasted veggies with pasta, eggplant and lentil stew, tonight will be spinach manacotti inshallah).

    Luckily my husband is an open minded eater, rare for a Turk I know.

  4. The cold yogurt soup is fascinating. I think I need to try it =) I make smoothies after dinner, which is why I've been wondering if I just move the entire breakfast to iftaar.

    Thank you commenting MMb =)

  5. We're trying something different this year - staying away from the FRY FRY FRY. For Breakfast my husband makes us fresh grapefruit, apple and grape juice. We have a banana and blueberries and I have toast to help me through the day.
    For our dinner we break our fast with a date and Matcha tea, foloowed by a variety of fruit and I make cranberry/flax seed and goji berry yogurt too. Then we indulge in food :D Last night it was Greek style stuffed chicken - all have a side of freshly steamed veggies... It seems to be working out, I feel so much better, not bloated at all! :D

  6. Here is the recipe:

    Your husband probably knows it. I prefer a sweeter version so dont add the spices but some honey, raisins, nuts, etc.

    Afiyet olsun


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