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Monday, June 21, 2010

Morning Surprise

The place where I've been stealing to lately, has moved into a new space. We'd been cleaning and prepping this new place over the weekend, as our Karma yogic practice. This morning we were supposed to resume our regular schedule however, for the 9 am class we unanimously decided that the studio floor was still waaaay too filthy for our precious mats.

So we took our class to the (haha) freshly watered grass of Union Square Park. For a slightly less than filthy environment.

The first thing I (or rather, my olfactory nerves) noticed: "There is a bum somewhere in the bushes!" And true enough, a bum was sleeping only a few yards away. We must have scared him with our kapalabhati breathing though, because a few seconds into it and she rolled her eyes at us and slunk off.

We were doing our best to close off our minds, but I kept one eye out for park Staff because we were *gasp* breaking a few rules. Who knew the lawns were closed on Mondays? Nobody bothered us however, even when the park staff did show up. However, guess who joined it? A backpacking yogi! lolz. Some white rasta dude just hopped in, rolled out a yoga mat and joined in. Our poor teacher! Leah gave us all a "what the wha...?" look but good hearted Leah, continued her class without getting fazed.

We did make him work for the free class though, we made him take our pictures.

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