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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I almost didn't offer my seat to a pregnant woman today

When I was pregnant with Monster, it used to bug me when people in the subway didn't offer their seat to me. I'd hang around in front of them (literally hang OUT!), with my feet swelling out of my shoes, my body almost drooping under its own weight and mentally call them names if they did nothing more than stare at me staring back at them.
Well today, I almost did the same thing. Which is why I always remind everyone


It's never safe to make claims as I did...."I would NEVER do that to a pregnant woman!"

However, in my defence, she didn't have one of those soccer ball in the tummy bodies...She had more of a sack of potatoes wrapped around her torse-body. And she was wearing black. Which is never a good thing, unless I'm wearing it to hide MY silhoutte (then it's totally fine.)

For the longest time I stared at her tummy (oh my, another thing I said I'd never do!) and wondered if she was or wasn't expecting. Deciding after a while that I'd rather make a fool out of myself than be inconsiderate, I quietly offered my seat.

Which she decline.

Phew. I had a long train ride ahead of me and after performing my good deed of the day, I went to sleep.

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