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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Baking for a party I'm not even invited to!

Well, technically, we are invited but the idiots that comprise the team Mr. Ozturk has to deal with are really not company I'm eager to have. I feel bad for my poor hubby who's putting up with the ethnocentric Pakistani bastards just because he likes the location of the job. All the more reason for us to move to Turkiye...You reading this Mr. Ozturk? I said...ALL THE MORE REASON TO MOVE TO TURKIYE !

So of course, I kinda expected that a Borek made withour much love would go wrong somewhere. Really, this is a recipe I can make with my right hand tied behind me AND my eyes closed!

It could also be the mentally distracting image of millions of poor soul lining up to watch New Moon, about to suffer around hour or so of Bad-Acting Bella! What are they thinking? Sparkling vampires can't really be that hypnotizing, can they?

Anyway, I also ended up making this cute little Borek Pies for Mr. Ozturk for the morning.

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