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Friday, November 19, 2010

Forget a melon, I have the entire salad covered!

Each Friday, I receive a cute little email from Babycenter informing me that I have in my tummy anything from carrots, to avocados to this week's, spaghetti squash. Yes, the miracle I'm growing is beginning it's little life being compared to vegetables.

The spaghetti squash threw me for a few minutes as I tried to recall the size of this type of squash...I'd only seen it a few times at Whole Food's grocery section!

Well, I can't complain because to be fair, I myself have been calling it "our little chickpea" and plan on calling it a falafal when it's all done in March next year =)

Another little Ozturk is joining our team of Anne, Baba and Monster. I'm hoping I have someone who doesn't find it funny to disappear in a small living room within 5 seconds while only scooting backwards!


  1. Yay for coming out! Congrats! Oh, and chickpea was my name for very my entire pregnancy, and I still call her that! Well, it's morphed into chilibean mist of the time lately, but still. So yay for little chickpea!

  2. i love your stories Ayesha. It's fun to read your experiences.


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