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Monday, September 6, 2010

Is it my turn now?

Among Wizard's frequent urging for me to speak with Monster in Urdu more, and requesting certain Pakistani dishes, I think we are slowly bringing about a change in our family dynamics.

For the last 5 years, we've been mostly Turkish in all we did. Hung out at Turkish restaurants, with Turkish friends, ate Turkish breakfasts, most food I made was Turkish, even the way I dressed was predominantely in the Turkish trends.

Could it be that it's my turn to revert to my Pakistani roots, and Wizard is actually egging me on?

For example, a few instances of what has been cooking in our home recently:

Fruit Chaat
Dahi Phulkiyan!

Chicken curry with naan (that Wizard ACTUALLY ate!!!)
For those of you who don't know him personally, he's a wheat bulgur guy...through and through. Doesn't eat white rice, brown rice, pita bread, or naan of any kind.
I'd say that this Ramadan, we had parathas 98% of the time for sahoor! And tonight instead of Turkish tea, he ASKED for Rooh Afza... and had two glasses!
I have no idea what's going on in this man's head currently. I'm just riding it out and enjoying the now frequent trips to Patel Brothers =)


  1. Well, it's nice to see you accept your roots. You should never change yourself for anyone. You are very lucky to be able to expose your daughter to two beautiful cultures.

  2. The last five years I've learned a lot by embracing a culture that is, though very similar to my own in several ways, a lot more civilized and educated. I realized my own mother would have been better appreciated by Turks than she was by Pakistanis. I have no regrets =) I'll have to actually protect my daughter from a lot of negativity if she was to be exposed to the Pakistani culture. For example, why the woman in front of her just clogged the sink in a public bathroom with toilet paper and then spit the remnants of her mouth into the collected water.
    It's sad, but most Pakistani people she'll come in contact with in the US are not the kind she will learn anything good from.

  3. Well if your husband doesn't like rice he definitely isn't a regular Turk. Most, as I'm sure you know, can't live without a least 1 plate of butter salty rice each day. Needless to say I am not a fan so we don't eat much rice (or Turkish food for that matter)! Glad your Turk is an adventurous eater, mine is too and they seem to be a rare find.

  4. Lolz, it's a great nigh joke among our friends that my husband is infect the fake Turk. He had a pretty sheltered, buried in books kinda life till 18 which is when he came to US and then started exploring the world. Our Turkish friends have to constantly explain the cultural mundanes to him because he is often even more clueless than me!

    He had never even had cekirdek until I introduced them to him!

  5. Hey, that Gori Wife is an imposter, using my blog link. Do you have a way to track ip addresses of commenters? Because that is not me. What the heck, man...

  6. =s That's a shame. This one even used your life to prove a point. Not nice. I'll ask Wizard if there is away to track it.


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