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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkish Latte!

Throw a latte lover in the jungle and she'll whip you one up with coconut milk.

Or so the saying should go.

Mommy needed a latte when Starbucks was too far. So she employed all her resources (and Google) and invented her own twist on the traditional Turkish coffee. 3oz Turkish muddy coffee topped all the way up with hot frothed milk.

I am still campaigning for a cappuccino machine for our 7th wedding anniversary.


  1. Hello Ayesha jani, kaha gayab ho gayi ho fb pe bhi nahi aa rahi.please apni khairiyat batao . How is everything going in turkey? Aane ka kab tak ka irada hain. How's kids give my love to them and say my salaam to haroon bhai. Keep in touch.-- wafa

  2. Hi Wafa =) Sent you an email but it may not have reached you. We are plans so far of a NYC visit, but I'll let you know if anything materializes.
    Love to my damat too. Iza met another Mustafa...and calls him Mufada too.

  3. I got ur email dear thanx for replying. Ur damad is good aur yeh kya iza ne mere bete ko chod ke kisi doosre mustada ko pakad liya lol this is not fair yaar:p. Agar aane Kaplan bane to zaroor batana. Fb pe kab wapis aa rahi ho. Aur turkey me kya masroofiyaat hain. How is bilal and haroon bhai doing?--wafa

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Cindy =) I'll be back on FB soon. January 1st if no one interrupts me. Meanwhile, I'm active on Twitter under @monsterhugsblog


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