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Friday, September 30, 2011

That one image...

Every time I head out in the world, I am always on the look out for that one moment in time captured in a photograph that can sum up my life. I have yet to find that one image that will contain my life inside a frame...

I am not even sure if it is probable. My life has been so complicated from the very beginning. I used to think my early years were probably incident free but came to realize that they still had a great impact on my adolescent years. There is a 6 year old hiding in my heart and she remembers everything.

Perhaps, it is merely wishful thinking...wanting to go back to those days when we were living our life not aware of how it will change our future. Had I known about my future, I might have stared at a neighbor's garden a little bit longer, committed to memory the feeling of stealing falsay from a tree a little bit harder. I would have asked another question or two, I would have acted to certain people differently. More kindly.

Had I known. Had I known my life will be so interesting in the future, I would have felt better about the mundane little things that brought me down.

I confess, it will be a hard task to find an image that will sum my life in a photograph. Yet, I keep on searching... for me it's the journey that is the adventure, not the destination.


  1. i think its not fair to squeeze the summary of life in a frame...dont get me wrong at least you might combine couple of them and add up a paragraph or two to explain their meanings...that might make it...

  2. I feel the same way. Had we known how complicated adult life would be we would have played outside longer. I truly miss my childhood, being a kid in Ankara in the late 80's was the best!

  3. Zeynep...I just wish my life was a tad simpler... =) Aysegul, I feel the same way about being a kid in Karachi in the late 80's. Especially, because we saw the last carefree days of Karachi before it got its more recent notorious reputation.

  4. I think lessons learnt in life are a great way to guide our kids and the later next generation on what things they should not miss or take for granted. Through this training If we manage to change the perspective of even one individual, i think a very good reward and might make up for all the things that we ourselves missed out on!


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