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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monster's New Castle

Wizard brought this home yesterday for the princess. She was so excited she actually slept with the unopened box next to her bed.
This morning I tried to set it up...well the box said "Sets up in minutes." Minutes, my ass! I had to spend quality time trying to figure out first, where the slots for the stilts were and then, how the heck do I set it up from the outside???
I think Discovery Kids saw the original European models of stilted tents but only saw the equipment, not how they are set up. FYI Discovery Kids, the stilts go INSIDE sewn, protected tubing that children cannot mess with, and the insert points for those tubing are OUTSIDE the tent where the parent can easily reach them.
Unless you honestly thought a 3 year old will be able to set it up from the inside.
If you are going to copy a design at least make a more than half assed attempt at cheating.

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