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Monday, February 14, 2011

My dancing Ninja

I asked Monster to strike a pose and this is what she gives me:

I really do think she's about to pounce! After many blurry pictures of begging her to stop moving (how DO you make a toddler stop moving??? Benadryl? But how do they pose?), we had one worthy of sharing.

Well, it's better than the rest of the 15 shots I took...

Thank you Emilie for the gorgeous gift =) You, Miranda and Bruce are one of the kindest people I came to love in Sunnyside, NY! We miss you *muah*


  1. OMG! She is so big! Cute pics! And I agree, it is getting HARDER to take pics. EEK!

  2. We need a freeze button on our kids. It would be so helpful: imagine, just freeze them with only their mouths chewing, easy feeding! Freeze! Let us pin their hair many uses...just one little button *shaking my head*


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