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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty lies in the zoom lens

April 11, 2010: Day 5 in Malatya, TR

Today my little sister-in-law Songul, her hubs Mehmet, my Baba-in-law and the two kids took the Beamer to visit a few historic tombs in Harput, Elazig. My in-laws seem to think they these are from the 12 imams in Islamic history. I hated to break it to them that most of the imams are buried in Iraq and not in Harput. Anyway, a saint is a saint and I read Al-Fatiha at the tombs as well.

It was on our way back however, when Songul insisted on stopping the car to let me get out in the rain and see this barrage where fresh water fish is farmed (in the circular fences in the first picture).

P.S. I need to note that this was the day when Monster discovered cube sugar thanks to her Dede (Baba-in-law) and Amca (Mehmet). She had exactly TEN of those while I fumed and stuffed my face with the area's most famous Kavurma while not tasting a lick of it.

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