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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Late night sweet tooth service
Harun, Iza and I headed over to Lower Manhattan, suddenly craving Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie icecream sandwiches. But the stupid place was closed, so we wandered around telling ourselves not to head over to the most obvious choice "Buttercup Cafe." "We need to find something new! We're bored of the same Mariacchi, Buttercup, Au Bon Pain circle of weenend rituals."
So to break away from the cycle, we made a pit stop at Crumbs Bakeshop. There was no parking so I had to stay in the car double parked. Thank God I didn't have to move it even once because what with my hand in a splint, steering would have been...well, difficult. In the picture, that's Harun inside the shop.

The cupcakes sucked! The icing was freezing over with too much sugar, and the cake was bland at best. No comparison with Buttercup Cafe's. Harun's carrot cake cupcake however was huge, and just the portion size won me over. It was good carrot cupcake, not enough icing on top, but the cake was delicious.
We chilled in the Union Square park with our cupcakes and coffee and giggled at the hobo yelling "Bitch" at the top of his lungs. Every time he yelled BITCH, I yelled (not as loudly, just for Iza's benefit) WITCH! I don't want her first word to be "bitch"....but I can live with "Witch."

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